1. Revolution
2. When I Get Out Of High School
3. Complication
4. Sheeple
5. I'm All Woman
6. Get A Life
7. Stupid Girl
8. Loner
9. Hypocrite
10. Kamikaze
11. If
12. New World Order

1. Revolution

Stop shaking that tin
I'm strapped for cash to put in
I'll give you another cause
Booze and fags for him indoors
Your ID don't mean a thing
Who knows if you're genuine?
Will it go to a good cause?
Or end up in your grubby paws

Come, the revolution
You'll be up against the wall

McDodgy fries, McDodgy drinks
Sold by Britain's weakest links
Salad there, so it's ok
One part of your five a day
Fat, unhealthy, never think
And that's why Britain's on the brink
All served up on a plastic tray
Not 'loving it' anyway!

Come, the revolution
You'll be up against the wall

Traffic wardens, city gents
Tax collectors, governments
Corporations, paying rent
Go up against my wall
PPI calls, YouTube adds
Bullies, liars, latest fads
Homophobes, the ignorant
go up against my wall

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2. When I Get Out Of High School

My minds made up I'm not getting out of this bed, NO!
I'm not deaf, I didn't listen to a word you said, so...
Right now I'm going nowhere, so there!

I'm never coming back to this town (when I get out of high school)
You'll never see my face around (when I get out of high school)
It'll suit me down to the ground (when I get out of high school)
Time to let my hair down (when I get out of high school)

I know the score; it's not safe to be out on my own, NO!
That's all very well but do you have to be my chaperone
You'd better keep your hair on, or I'm gone

Don't talk down to me, I'm not that little girl
Smother me, mother me, makes me wanna hurl
Don't try to tell me that I'll live and learn
Wait and see, I'll find my feet and make you eat your words

And when I leave will you be upset
Full of what if's, maybe's and regrets
Until then I'll make you sweat
I haven't really got it figured out quite yet

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3. Complication

Wake up; it's a whole new perfect day
A fresh start to sweep the past away
Don't interfere, what's done is done
More rules you make, more rules you break, so don't

Story of my life
Try to do what's right
It's messing with my mind

With every breath we do our best
But living should be easy

Start living out your hopes and dreams
Too much going on, or is that how it seems?
One step, one breath, one day at a time
So much to gain, so much to lose, so choose, just choose

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4. Sheeple

I'm a model citizen; I work hard for my money
I'm a model citizen; I've a job they say I'm lucky
I'm a model citizen; I do what they tell me
All week long they crack the whip
When the weekend comes, then I let rip

I drunk more than I should have
But less than I could have

I'm a model citizen; I put food on the table
I'm a model citizen; Reliable and stable

Oooh Blah, Blah, Blah
Bah Bah, Bah Bah
Oooh Blah, Blah, Blah
Bah Bah, Bah Bah

I'm a model citizen; obedient and faithful
I'm a model citizen; expendable, still grateful
I'm a model citizen; don't ask too many questions
Waited all week long for this
Now I'm going on the piss

I drunk more than I should have
But less than I could have

I'm a model citizen; I'm docile when I'm drinking
I'm a model citizen; at least that's what they're thinking

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5. I'm All Woman

Locked eyes, nothing said
Next minute you were in my bed
No thought just jumped right in
Too much of a good thing

You stuck to me like glue
I didn't want you to
Nothing more that I could do
Lust or desire
Passion and fire
Love is a liar

I'm all woman
I'm all woman
I'm all woman
I'm all woman

Play fast, play loose and free
Only want your body
No talking, it's not real
That way is no big deal
No class, all you need
Everybody's fantasy
Life's short so take the risk
Don't want to just exist

Don't take me for a fool
You know the golden rule
Can't play before you do
Lust or desire
Passion and fire
Love is a liar

Bit of more that I could chew (I'm all woman)
But I'm not in love with you (I'm all woman)
Little more that I could do (I'm all woman)
But I'm not in love with you (I'm all woman)

Can you handle me?

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6. Get A Life

I've got my fortunes
got heaven in my hands
I've got almost everything
Yeah, I've got my whole life planned

Hey now, please tell me how and I'll get it right
Hey now, I'm stepping out and making a life

I've been successful
my future looks so bright
It seems that I've got everything
yet nothing's black and white

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7. Stupid Girl

That vacant stare, you're unaware
I've seen it in your eyes
Tell me that I've got it wrong
I'll butt out of your life

Should save my breath, there's none as deaf
as those fools who won't hear
When all around it's going down
you hide away you steer clear

Always panic struck, you're running out of luck
Try to pass the buck, why should you care
Have to draw the line, you're running out of time
Your life's a pantomime with no one else there

You don't fool anyone; we don't get what we see
You don't fool anyone with your life of Riley

Oh you stupid girl, you've thrown it all away
Oh you stupid girl, you can't take back today
Don't you wonder why, things don't ever change
Oh you stupid girl, you're stuck in Groundhog Day

I feel like a hurricane, sweeping through your life
Scrape along like nothing's wrong, oblivious and child like
You have no goals, you're on your own
And only you can change this
You're in a rut but don't give up,
Could be this time you'll break it

Always on your case, forever in your face
There's no hiding place I'm everywhere
Before it's all too late, before you vegetate
There's no time to waste, I'm your worst nightmare

Don't you hear anyone, or is it only me
Don't you hear anyone you're so lost in your dreams?

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8. Loner

Resting in the thin fence
Between fantasy and reality
There's a creature waiting for me now

A feeling so enticing
Restless nights trying to find you
And look into your eyes

Have to find you
My one and only
I can no longer be
Have to find you
My one and only
You belong to me

I've been so lonely baby
Becoming my own souvenir
My own visions burning over here

Staring at the pages
Glancing at the telephone
I'm sure what's going on

I know that you can see
I can't resist much longer
And having you in my life does make me stronger

I'm a loner, loner
Lo-Lo-Loner, loner
I can't be living like this any longer

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9. Hypocrite

You're the master of taking a mile
when only an inch is given
I've had my fingers burnt
so many times before

Once bitten, twice shy
There won't be a next time
I've had to listen
to so many lies

I've had my taste of bliss
I'm not gonna stand for this

You hypocrite

Don't make promises you can't keep
I'm not in the mood to listen
You say the words before
your brain has time to think

Say this, say that
It doesn't go unnoticed
Don't be surprised
at my change of heart

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10. Kamikaze

Locked up in a room
While all the days pass by
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
I'm tossing and turning side to side

You made me laugh, you made me cry
All at the same time
But what you did I can't forgive
I want the punishment to fit the crime

Don't you dare waste my time
Don't you make me step out of line

Every day is deja vu
When I was with you
Get off my back, I'm not in the mood
I'm so sick and tired of the sight of you

I watch you beg and plead
You said it was mistake
Enough of that, get out of here
Why don't go make up with other girlfriends

Don't you dare waste my time
Don't you make me step out of line

You're a liar, a freak and a dirty cheat
You're making me completely insane
You're trash, a sleaze and total tease
You got me running round like a kamikaze

Back off you had your chance
Not gonna take you back
I've moved on, having a ball
Let me drink in peace before last call

Get over self, I said no way
Now go before I smash you're face
I'm losing it, I'm about to blow up
One look at you reduces me to rage

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11. If

There are certain conversations
I wish never had
I hit the juice, my tongue was loose
And I couldn't take it back

When I speak my mind you know it
I don't do things by halves
I take the blame for everything
In exchange for a fresh start

If I could
Then I would
If I could
I would turn back time

If I could wipe the slate clean
and have my time again
I'd stop to think, be disciplined
about what, why, where and when

If only I was stronger
If I was only strong
If only I could turn back time
Now I know where I went wrong

I older now I'm wiser
I'm not the girl you knew
If only I could turn back time
There's too much to undo

I won't take things for granted
Appreciate instead
If only I could turn back time
there's so much left unsaid

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12. New World Order

Wake up!

Have you ever heard of codex alimentarius
Sickness now compulsory, very precarious

Nutrition removed from all the food
They then control the people
Truth eradicated, food irradiated
Dumb down all the sheeple

This new world order
does not work for me
This new world order
one world economy

Venetian black nobility
Or group called Bilderberg
Strategic moves they've all approved
Manipulate the world

The Georgia guidestones
Population control, Agenda 21
Picture on display, the dollar today
Novus ordo seclorum

This new world order
the false flag events
This new world order one
worldwide government

Wake up (wake up)
you dumbed down sheeple
Waken up

When is haarp ever mentioned?
That's h.a.a.r.p.
Creating holes in heaven
An invisible enemy

Whilst mountains shake
From mega quakes
Millions more will die
Spread the lies
Pollute the skies
The same old rivers run dry

This new world order
the zombie nation
This new world order
one worldwide religion

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