WOW Syterians I’ve been so busy with the 2 bands I’ve not had time to do this of late, but I’m here to rectify that and catch up… lots going on 🙂

For starters we have a new video especially for HALLOWEEN so I am going to start with that as it’s almost Halloween now and seeing as this could be a long one you may not even read to the bottom👻

You may recognise a couple of familiar faces in here too. Even got my mum and little brother in on this one too…I don’t know, what friends and family do for each other eh?😉

So June was a busy month fro GIRLSCHOOL with it being our 40th anniversary and all that. Sweden Rock being one of the first festivals of the year and always one of my favourites to play🤘

Next up was Tons of Rock in Norway rained heavily but still great fun to do. Then off to Spain for another big festival and guess who got the penthouse suite that night 🙋 oh yes and lots of time the next day to spend in the sun. Next Bang Your Head in Germany.


Back to playing some gigs with SYTERIA, local ones too so no airports…yay!
First up the Cutlers Arms in Rotherham and the the following day The Fringe Festival in Sheffield both fabulous gigs and venues.

Then to finish off the month Metal Days and HOA, 2 fab festivals in Germany…love it there too🤘


SYTERIA head south finally to London to play the New Cross Inn, an 8 hour drive down in horrendous travel but worth it to see some lovely friends there again who’d come along to lend their support 😀

A couple more festivals for Girlschool in Austria and Sweden and then into the studio to record our Halloween single, we figured record it early and have lots of time to do a video and release it ready for Halloween…oh those best laid plans…lol  We recorded the single at Make Noise Studios in Sheffield with the wonderfully talented Alex Coulson.


Yay GIRLSCHOOL tour with Rose Tattoo time, been looking forward to this and it was a blast🤘 lovely lads and great crowds every night in the UK and Ireland.

No sooner had we done the last date I got home and up early the next day to go shoot the Halloween video with Syteria, shattered but I guess I didn’t need to look glamorous or this one anyway. We decided to do this one ourselves on Pablo’s iPhone and edit ourselves…wow never thought it would take so much work to do that but hey we got there and we’re happy with the results too, not bad for a 1st go😁  hope you all like it…or else😠

Video filming done and straight off to Corfu to do 4 gigs with SYTERIA in Corfu. What a lovely place that is and we had such an amazing time day and night, good food, good hotel, good gigs nothing at all to complain about…oh wait damn midges😢

So here we are in October and almost Christmas…argh yes I said it, we’ll have Santa’s Harley out again before you know it…BUT for now PLEASE take a look at our hard work on the Halloween Video and if you like the song you can grab it as a download here

Hopefully we will see all of you who are close enough to come and see us play our Halloween gig in Sheffield this weekend at the Royal Standard (Sat 27th Oct)

Look out for the next blog sooner than the gap I left between the last one here…