Rant-O-Bot Lyrics

2. When I Get Out Of High School

My minds made up I’m not getting out of this bed, NO!
I’m not deaf, I didn’t listen to a word you said, so…

Right now I’m going nowhere, so there!

I’m never coming back to this town (when I get out of high school)
You’ll never see my face around (when I get out of high school)
It’ll suit me down to the ground (when I get out of high school)
Time to let my hair down (when I get out of high school)

I know the score; it’s not safe to be out on my own, NO!
That’s all very well but do you have to be my chaperone

You’d better keep your hair on, or I’m gone

Don’t talk down to me, I’m not that little girl
Smother me, mother me, makes me wanna hurl
Don’t try to tell me that I’ll live and learn
Wait and see, I’ll find my feet and make you eat your words

And when I leave will you be upset
Full of what if’s, maybe’s and regrets
Until then I’ll make you sweat
I haven’t really got it figured out quite yet