Rant-O-Bot Lyrics

7. Stupid Girl

That vacant stare, you’re unaware
I’ve seen it in your eyes
Tell me that I’ve got it wrong
I’ll butt out of your life

Should save my breath, there’s none as deaf
as those fools who won’t hear
When all around it’s going down
you hide away you steer clear

Always panic struck, you’re running out of luck
Try to pass the buck, why should you care
Have to draw the line, you’re running out of time
Your life’s a pantomime with no one else there

You don’t fool anyone; we don’t get what we see
You don’t fool anyone with your life of Riley

Oh you stupid girl, you’ve thrown it all away
Oh you stupid girl, you can’t take back today
Don’t you wonder why, things don’t ever change
Oh you stupid girl, you’re stuck in Groundhog Day

I feel like a hurricane, sweeping through your life
Scrape along like nothing’s wrong, oblivious and child like
You have no goals, you’re on your own
And only you can change this
You’re in a rut but don’t give up,
Could be this time you’ll break it

Always on your case, forever in your face
There’s no hiding place I’m everywhere
Before it’s all too late, before you vegetate
There’s no time to waste, I’m your worst nightmare

Don’t you hear anyone, or is it only me
Don’t you hear anyone you’re so lost in your dreams?