Reflection Lyrics

10. I want it all

I wanna feel alive
Be satisfied
I’ll try to imagine what it’s like

I want to see the light
But not be blinded
Have foresight
Not be reminded
I know the score
I’ve been here before

I want to be afraid
And not be frightened
Not make the grade
Still be enlightened
’cause I know
All I need to know

I want it all
I want it now now now ……..

I want to be your guide
But not go with you
On your side
But always appose you
At every turn
Listen and learn

I want to be engaged
But never get married
Be centre stage
Witout being harried
To set a date
Make you wait

I want to be awake
While I’m still sleeping
To have my cake
But like to have eaten it
Have my way
Every day

Don’t you want it / yes we want it
How’d you get it / no comment
Tell me how much / we want it

Are you ready / yes we’re on it
Could get heavy / think we got it
Was it worth it / no it wasn’t