Rant-O-Bot Lyrics

11. If

There are certain conversations
I wish never had
I hit the juice, my tongue was loose
And I couldn’t take it back

When I speak my mind you know it
I don’t do things by halves
I take the blame for everything
In exchange for a fresh start

If I could
Then I would
If I could
I would turn back time

If I could wipe the slate clean
and have my time again
I’d stop to think, be disciplined
about what, why, where and when

If only I was stronger
If I was only strong
If only I could turn back time
Now I know where I went wrong

I older now I’m wiser
I’m not the girl you knew
If only I could turn back time
There’s too much to undo

I won’t take things for granted
Appreciate instead
If only I could turn back time
there’s so much left unsaid