Rant-O-Bot Lyrics

12. New World Order

Wake up!

Have you ever heard of codex alimentarius
Sickness now compulsory, very precarious

Nutrition removed from all the food
They then control the people
Truth eradicated, food irradiated
Dumb down all the sheeple

This new world order
does not work for me
This new world order
one world economy

Venetian black nobility
Or group called Bilderberg
Strategic moves they’ve all approved
Manipulate the world

The Georgia guidestones
Population control, Agenda 21
Picture on display, the dollar today
Novus ordo seclorum

This new world order
the false flag events
This new world order one
worldwide government

Wake up (wake up)
you dumbed down sheeple
Waken up

When is haarp ever mentioned?
That’s h.a.a.r.p.
Creating holes in heaven
An invisible enemy

Whilst mountains shake
From mega quakes
Millions more will die
Spread the lies
Pollute the skies
The same old rivers run dry

This new world order
the zombie nation
This new world order
one worldwide religion